Retailer System

Desktop analysis of Retail Locations data

New web based software, visually appealing with very user-friendly interfaces that offer clients quick and easy reporting and with additional features such as mapping.

Area Analysis: Users can enter a postcode and distance and view relevant retail locations within the distance radius.

Distance Calculations: A single store or chain can be selected and the distance to other selected stores or chains will be calculated.

Dynamic charting: Instantaneous charts allow users to identify things such as the top 10 retailers in a category and then make selections within the charts to refine their search and drill down further into the data when they see something of interest.

Mapping: Retailer locations can be shown on maps, providing a more intuitive way to understand the relative distribution. Users can also make a selection directly on the map, making it easier to select the relevant locations, and pull up individual site details.

Summary Statistics: Headline information such as Share of Voice of trade category, number of stores in selection or similar will automaticall.

Advanced Filtering: A hierarchy for both retailers and geographical areas that makes it easier for users to explore possible associated selections to find what they are looking for.

Search functionality: A simple search function to enable users to rapidly find places and retailers by simply typing in a word or part of the description.

Exportable content: All reporting outputs can be printed or exported to Excel.