Retail Locations have utilised their data to produce several standard reports and analyses.



Listings are a retailers’ or trading categories’ address information. Normally displayed in alphabetical order by town, details shown will typically comprise the Name or Title, Street number and address, Post Town, Suburb/Locality, Shopping Centre/Retail Park, Postcode, Grid References and where available the trading area in Square Footage.

Area analysis

This report analyses Retail outlets or trading categories by geographical area, such as Government or TV Regions. Any new areas required by clients can be speedily created using either supplied postcode sector information or derived from maps provided by clients.

Proximity analysis

Proximity analysis is a report by which any selected retailer, trading category, poster site, or other designated place can be analysed against any retailer or category by distances from between 100 metres and 99 kilometres (or miles).

Historical Data

Retail Locations has maintained historical records dating from 1994. Using this information analysis of changing trends of the retail environment, the monitoring of openings and closures of outlets and study of the changing retail mix of a shopping centre, can all be undertaken.

In well over 25 years of trading, Retail Locations has seen the demise not just of well-known High Street retailers but also of whole trading categories.

The data available from Retail Locations is a snapshot in 1994 and then on a quarterly basis from 1998 onwards.


This report shows individual retailers or all retailers within a specified distance of a valid postcode. This report has proved to be particularly useful to ascertain the possible competition prior to site inspection.

Town and regional profiling

Profiling is a reporting option that shows the retail mix of any defined centre, town or region compared with national average. This analysis can be displayed either to correspond with our Main Trading Categories or by Super Categories. This type of report is particularly useful in the planning of new store locations.