Retail Locations tracks all multiples trading in these areas

  • Bulky Goods
  • Catering
  • Comparison Goods
  • Convenience Goods
  • Hospitality/Catering
  • Leisure
  • Motor
  • Service
  • Finance

Retail Locations defines a multiple retailer as owning from about 5 or more outlets nationwide. Individual Department Stores, significant independents and retailers who are starting small but planning big are entered and tracked.

Concessions, particularly associated with big Department Stores, are also collected and monitored.

Multi-level ownership data is held on every retailer and every fascia a retailer trades under is listed. The update cycle is from between one to four times per year depending on importance and changing trends in the market.

Address information includes street address or, and where appropriate, the shopping centre, retail park, shopping park or leisure park; post town, suburb or locality and postcode and grid references.

Additional information is provided on sales area in square feet for most Supermarkets, number of screens for Cinemas and number of bedrooms for Hotels.

Retail Locations prides itself on its accuracy and attention to detail. Every addition to the database is meticulously checked and corrected when necessary.


Each retailer is allocated to a Main Trading Category such as Bookshops or Bingo Halls corresponding to the major activity in which they trade. Retail Locations has classified 103 different main trading categories.

Additionally each retailer is also allocated from one to many Branch Categories covering all the areas in which they trade. This feature is particularly useful for department stores, variety stores and large supermarkets.


Geographical Areas

Retail Locations data can be analysed by any of the many geographical regions that we maintain and new client specific regions can be swiftly added with our normal high attention to accuracy.